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Frederick Pointer
Visual Artist | Writer | Musician


Frederick Pointer  creates beautiful art that makes your space resonate with living nature of Ontario.  Don't be surprised if you unexpectedly think you smell the crisp fall air, or hear geese flying overhead with one of the unique selection of artwork and prints.  

Autumnal Fence

"Autumnal Fence" captures the colourful  adornment of field's fence.  The muted autumnal grass moving into final seeding, The subtle oranges and yellows are intertwined to create a scene that captures the changing of seasons. This painting is a visual representation of the temporary and delicate nature of life, signalling the winter looming on the horizon and yet beauty evident in every corner of this painting’s landscape. It is simultaneously melancholic and hopeful, capturing both the beginning and end of a seasonal shift. 

Stillness and Movement
in Ontario Farmland

The beautiful picture of Canadian farmland surrounded by lush greenery is something that makes you feel like you've taken a deep breath of fresh air.  A peaceful painting of the barn situated against an incredibly vibrant blue sky with fluffy white clouds and the contrast of the dark trees transports you to the field of rolling grass, a sense of open space and calm with the breathtaking sky.

Solitude in Winterscape

One of the most beautiful sights to behold during winter is a single tree standing in solitude the midst of snow. The stark contrast between black branches and pure white snow can be especially captivating and peaceful. When looking up at this tree, one can almost sense isolation and serenity, made all the more heightened by its frozen yet ethereal form. Besides admiring these solitary sentinels for their breathtaking beauty, we should remember that each one echoes an important part in nature’s cycle of life - reminding us that with death comes renewal.



Frederick Pointer, Visual Artist | Writer | Musician


Frederick Pointer is a multi-talented artist, musician, and writer who resides in Sprucedale, Ontario. As a visual artist, Pointer draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of the Almaguin Highlands, particularly the abundance of spruce, birch and other trees. He has a deep love and appreciation for nature, which is evident in his artwork and writing. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Pointer is also an accomplished musician who enjoys playing various instruments and composing music. His talents are truly diverse, and his creativity knows no bounds. Living in the heart of a community steeped in natural beauty, and the odd Moose, Pointer has found a wealth of inspiration to fuel his passion for the arts.



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